Today we harvested the turmeric. This rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plant (aka as tumeric or Curcuma) is a real blessing. It is commonly used as a spice in Bangladeshi, Indian, Iranian, and Pakistani cuisine and curries. It is also has many medicinal properties. Check it out, you’ll be amazed!


A friend (thank you Darrell) gave a few pieces of roots and that’s all it took!  No herbicides, no insecticides, no pesticides, no fertilizers. Not organic, not synthetic, not permaculture, not biodynamic, nothing but love and sunshine. I didn’t even have to water, but we did have lots of rain this summer.


We plan on making powder by boiling the rhizomes for approximately 15min, drying them, and then pulverizing, more or less.

Of course we’ll keep some fresh, freeze some, plant some for next year, and give some away to our friends.

Oh hum, I think I’ll ferment some small pieces just for fun.

Pickled turmeric… Why not?

It sure was a pleasure to watch it grow. It has the most beautiful flowers; what  a surprise that was for us, the bees, and butterflies!



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